• Lori Nanan

The Joy of a Dog

What is the joy of a dog?

I have a dog because I truly love everything about dogs. I revel in the mystery that is their minds. Like for instance, what is happening here? Goofy? Sassy? Silly? All of the above, likely. One thing I know is only dogs who feel safe will exhibit any behavior we could describe in that way. Safe is a way I always want my dog to feel. All of that, to me, is the joy of a dog.

I have a dog because I think she makes my life better. I know she makes other people’s lives better, even if she’s with them just for a short while.

And she isn’t shy about it. She is all about making your day.

I have a dog because I like to train. And I like to teach people to train. So does my dog.

I have a dog because she gets me out into the world. Even on days when I would rather not (my friends would likely agree!) because it’s 90 degrees at 10am! But they know all about the joy of a dog!

The Wonder of the Canine Nose

I have a dog because watching her nose work is simply fascinating, as are so many of the other things she does. Did you know that dogs can have up to 20 whiskers on each side of their upper lips, depending on the size and breed of the dog? These whiskers, known as vibrissae, pick up shifts in airflow so that a dog can gather information about its surroundings.

Dogs’ noses are so amazing. Watching them sniff the breeze or really go to town sniffing the ground can be a simple pleasure for us, but an information packed event for them. Check it out in the video below.

I have a dog because, in her, I am reminded of many simple pleasures myself. Like the warmth that comes from laying in the sunbeam.

And the joy of tilting my face to the sun. 🌞

I have a dog because my dog, and every dog who has came before her, has made me a better human. Because of dogs, I am more patient and kind (and sometimes, I am not those things and can only imagine how unpleasant I might be if not for dogs!).

I have a dog because I want to share in the glory and joy of living with this being whose needs and happiness I am responsible for. 🦄

I want my dog to be happy and to feel safe. And because I can do those things in a way that is kind and humane and effective, I do. I do not need to subjugate my dog. I do not need to control her, but I do need to teach her. A lot of days, she teaches me, too.

And that, to me, is the joy of a dog. ❤️

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