• Lori Nanan

Making The Best Of It: Coronavirus Edition

Updated: May 21

Friends, we’re living in scary times. Many of us are either already in, or are facing some level of isolation thanks to the Coronavirus. We’re worried about the next few weeks and months and have no clear answers. Though things are dire, it’s important to try to retain as much of as our normal selves as possible, and if we can, take what’s bound to be extra downtime and make use of it.

And by make use of it, I mean have some fun.

Try a couple of tricks for you to try out when you’ve had enough of the news, because what’s a better distraction than having some fun with your dog?

Here’s a few more ideas to help you focus on the positive:

1.) Order your copy of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy by Zazie Todd. It’s fantastic, you’ll love it. You can read an interview I did with Zazie here.

2.) Have a Dance Party. Nothing gets me in a good mood quicker than my all-time favorite song (which I realize years later is more than a little misogynistic ).

When all else fails, dance!

3.) Play a game. I love the game Heads Up, which is an app on my phone. It’s the perfect way to be silly and test your ability to think on your feet!

4.) Engage in some self-care. This might mean exercise (walkies are still safe!), tackling a project you’ve been putting off (as I give the side-eye to my messy closet), napping, doing your nails (or your dog’s!) or anything else you might put off or not do when things are “normal”.

5.) Help others if and where you can. This may not sound like much fun, but it can make you feel useful…which can allow you the mental space to have some fun. Feeling useless or hopeless is the exact opposite of fun. And be kind. All of us are feeling a bit vulnerable right now.

If you’re stuck at home, you may be less than thrilled. Your dog, on the other hand, probably thinks it’s pretty great. So have some fun and try out the trick in the ebook. You can watch video demos by clicking on the links and follow along with the plan.

It’s probably going to be rough for a while, but let’s all try to make the best of it together. If you do try out the trick, please send me some video! Though I work from home and am used to being here pretty much all the time, things feel a bit ominous for me, too and I would love to see you and your dog in action. And if we can share your video on our social media, let me know! You can email me at

Be safe! I’m sending you all good vibes and positive thoughts!

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