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Every New Beginning...

Updated: May 21

In early 2020, a little virus called COVID-19 came along and reminded us all that we are not in control of everything, as much as we would like to think we are.

This little virus grew and grew and changed the way we all live and will likely continue to do so for years to come. As of this writing in May of 2020, many of us have had dramatic life changes forced upon us, and most of us have had a bit of a perspective shift. I fall into both categories.

Quote attributed to John Lennon (and a few other folks, I think.)

As a result of COVID-19 and a few other life changes, we have made the decision to change the way we offer online resources. I'll outline these changes below, as well as provide a rough timeline for when the changes will be made in full.

All courses will be removed from our online learning platform on July 15th, 2020. All students who are currently enrolled in courses will have access until that time. No new sign-ups are being added as of April 15th, 2020.

All students who are currently enrolled in a paid course (free courses will no longer be available) will continue to have access to the course material, though in some cases, in different forms. Information on how to access this will be included in emails sent to students from within courses, but I will outline them briefly below:

Nailed It: A Course in Canine Nail Care is being offered as an "Instructional Manual" here on this scaled down version of along with a lesson on using a scratchboard. All of the material from the online course version Nailed It is included in this new version. Current students will receive access to Nailed It manual in June and the scratchboard lesson was added to the course this week. The scratchboard lesson (is awesome and is available for sale separately to new students) was created by my colleague Jane Wolff and she will also be offering one-on-one coaching to anyone needing more help. You can learn more about each here. One of the few cool things to come out of the pandemic is that many of us have realized just how much we can use technology to our benefit. Jane and her fantastic remote services can be reached through 📬This service exists outside of the course material.

Leave It: Help for Leash Reactive Dogs and How to Teach Your Dog to Come When Called, both taught by Sarah Pennington will also be offered as Instructional Manuals through Sarah's website, These will also be available to current students in June and we are working with Sarah to get things set up on her website, so be sure to watch Yaletown Dog Training on Facebook to find out about the launch date. 🚀

This also applies to How to Muzzle Train Your Dog and It's Tricky with Sylvia Borghardt. Keep an eye on Sylvia's website and social media for launch information. 🛫

How to Potty Train Your Dog and The Calm, Cool and Collected Dog with Kristi Benson and Pearly Whites: A Course in Pet Dental Care with Dr. Rachel Szumel will all be available through Doggy Geeks. These courses are expected to launch in June of 2020. Current students will receive information on how to join and anyone interested in signing up at that time should follow Doggy Geeks on social media. 🐶

Students of Edit Yourself: Writing Skills for Dog Trainers with Eileen Anderson will receive a version of the course via email from within the course.This will also take place in June, and access will be uninterrupted, as with all others through July 15th. 📝

I will be maintaining our social media on Facebook and Instagram. This is likely to be very Hazel-heavy, but I will likely also occasionally promote special offers, tips, enrichment ideas and success stories. If unfollowing feels like the right thing to do, Hazel understands, as do I.

We're so grateful to everyone who has joined us along the way and it has been (and remains) an honor to provide you and your dog(s) with the help you need. Huge thanks from each and every one of us (but especially me) for being here! ❤️

PS: Bonus points if you can name the song, the band and the year referenced in the title. Wait. How about a free Nailed It bundle? Like and comment on this post on Instagram (not Facebook) and I will pick a random winner tomorrow, Friday, May 22, 2020. 💅🏼🐾

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