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Welcome to the NEW

Once a Dog Trainer, Now a Writer

Hi, I'm Lori

"PIVOT!"- Ross Geller, Friends, Season 5, Episode 16

I worked as a dog pro for years. In fact, I used this very URL for my dog business, but repurposing made more sense than starting over as word on the street is all the cool writers use their names for their websites. In my dog-centric career, I walked, I trained, I created online courses for dog lovers. A couple of years ago, life changed dramatically and though I remain proud of my time in dog training, I decided to pivot to writing, something I'd always dreamed of doing. 
Full website coming soon(ish).
I sometimes write on Medium.

@LFSNwrites is where you'll find me on Instagram.
(LFSN is a cheeky nickname given to me by friends and I like to throw it around as much as possible.)
(Also, I'm a writer on a budget so don't hold any mistakes against me. Yet.)

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